😉 I bet you after the next amazing project you pull off, you’ll be glad you didn’t give up.

Q: I’m considering upgrading my exiting shower door to a frameless shower door. A: The first thing to consider is whether or not your existing shower door is a good candidate for an upgrade to a frameless.

Most homeowners see a better return on their investment since the frameless system is much more desirable to new homebuyers.

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And, we take it one step further by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Stop by our newly updated showroom on Route 2 today, or call and speak to one of our helpful store reps to find out how Portland Glass of Bangor can help you update your shower or bathtub today.

I will be the first one to admit that I’m constantly prone to making mistakes in my DIYs, and there are times I think, “Boy, I’ve really messed up this time. Thanks to this trick I figured out in a moment of desperation, those icky chairs had a happily ever after.

I definitely didn’t want to tape all of the plastic drop cloths back up and spend hours doing all of that prep work again to fix my trouble spots.

So I grabbed a deep cardboard box, my spray paint, and an artist brush to spray a little paint on the brush at a time to touch up the peeled spots. I used nail polish remover again for the spots where spray paint leaked under the tape by soaking Q-Tips in it, and running them along the smudged lines.

Q: Are there special products I need to clean my glass? A: To keep your glass free of potentially damaging water spots, we recommend using a squeegee after each shower.

Using a squeegee on a daily bases is the most simple and fastest way to avoid water spots and mineral deposit build-up on your new shower enclosure.If you find yourself running into road blocks on projects, don’t give up!Learn from those mistakes, let it shape you into a smarter DIYer, and keep on with your bad self.The slightest error could result in gummy caulking, ugly gaskets, or worse – a glass enclosure that leaks all over your bathroom floor. Also, the slightest chip in the safety glass can cause it to shatter, leaving you with a very expensive mess to clean.This is one project you will want to call in a professional glass installer. ”If you don’t believe me, just check out this post from eons ago when I thought there was no end in sight in an ugly varnish removal process from our dining room chairs.